Values and Objectives

DORMEN® aims to be one of well-known meanswear brands both in national and international fashion arena known with its products, services, quality and reliability factors ensuring the customers’ satisfaction and permanent advantage with all managerial and marketing operations to be run under a vision with professional background.

Considering all customers’ special requests, expectations and preferences in all aspects including their customs and traditions while selecting their fabric quality and workmanship specifications in details, DORMEN delicately offers and provides the options according to their changing needs and preferences those which are making their customers feel special with all these innovative offers and solutions in all phases of both before and after-sales services.

DORMEN has some principle values as super merits of the company such as Quality, , Honesty, Reliability, Flexibility, Prestige, Customer Centricity, Liability, Continuity, Longevity, Creativity, Competitiveness and Team Working. DORMEN’s long term target is to prove the total quality and sucesses in international area as well as to prove these in Turkey and being among biggest worldwide players. Thus, DORMEN has already started to export menswear products, especially the groomswear range to Germany, Belgium, France, Netherland, Austria and Italy with increasing repeat orders. Additionally, there have been orders recently started and sent to new territories such as Iraq, Iran and North Africa being a well-known quality menswear brand within a very short time. Not only in Turkey, but also in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa regions, DORMEN has a continous effort to be a leader in textile and ready to wear industry and to be an ever-growing and an evergreen brand going on gradually and with steady steps.