About Us

DORMEN has been founded by Mr. Ridvan YALVAK and started to menswear business first with DORMEN® PANTOLON branded trousers in 1990. DORMEN has taken its place among well-known trouser brands in Turkey with unique fashion pieces manufactured with super quality and trendy fabrics. After gaining further experience and professionalism with trousers, DORMEN has also started to play on a larger stage and added the Men’s Suits and Groomswear collections into product ranges and has succeeded to push itself over the top being a symbol of classiness and charisma. Going on gradually and with steady steps, DORMEN has proven its quality and experience especially in Groomswear in Europe.

DORMEN has applied all necessary satisfactory principles for customers using the optimum and total quality management systems under competitive textile market conditions. Additionally DORMEN has always adapted itself to ever-changing market conditions and fashion trends and therefore has taken a remarkable place among similar sucessful brands and companies.